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Proceeds from the Family Reunion will go toward supporting our Acorn Fund, Baby Acorn Fund and Programming!

acorn Fund

From the beginning Hope Street has provided a safe home for men and women to grow and flourish. The Acorn Fund was established to protect members entering Hope Street from financially vulnerable situations that might delay initial membership payments.  Monthly Membership is a part of living at Hope Street, it is $450 for a Single Adult and $550 for a Family. We do not want somebody’s current financial situation to be a barrier. In these special situations, we supplement 1-3 months of membership fee with our Acorn Fund.

Baby Acorn Fund

Just over five years ago kids joined the Hope Street census. Experience taught us that people grow best inside of community, in particular, family units. So we began accepting moms and dads with their kiddos. We do not charge a membership fee for kids to live at Hope Street, however, that loss of income has to be made up somewhere. It costs $150 per month for a kid to stay at Hope Street, the Baby Acorn Fund helps supplement this cost without adding a financial burden to Hope Street parents. 



Hope Street offers a variety of different classes and workshops in the areas of physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and intellectual health. Proceeds from this year's Wine and Beer Pull will help support programming!

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