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Join us for our
5th Annual Family Reunion Fundraiser!
Virtual Fundraiser  
October 9, 2020

"Every greenhouse needs the sun in order for things to grow. Our sun is the Son, Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no growth, no forgiveness, no grace and ultimately no transformation. He is the catalyst for new life."

Every Greenhouse needs the son


“So this is a religious place right?”


Hope Street becomes home for People from all different walks of life. Everyone goes through the same process. If you are interested in becoming a member you fill out an application. That application leads to an interview. In that interview we pray for discernment in regards to whether or not someone has a soft heart and a willingness (not simply want) to change.


Undoubtedly at some point in the conversation it comes up that Hope Street is a “religious place” everybody has their own term for what they call us but it boils down to, “we have heard that God has to be part of your time here”.


He is. Simply, yes. From the very beginning we are very clear on where our foundation is built.


Every greenhouse needs the sun in order for things to grow. Our sun is the Son, Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no growth, no forgiveness, no grace and ultimately no transformation. He is the catalyst for new life.


Hope Street’s mission from the very beginning has been a safe place for people to grow in their walk with the Lord. Like Jesus, we do our best to meet people in their mess. Like Jesus, we don’t tell them what they need to do but instead present choices and walk with them. You may often hear our three value propositions and we want to share with you ways those are lived out at Hope Street:


Cultivate Hope: Our Hope is found in the grace Jesus extends to us. At Hope Street we have always cultivated hope by creating encounters with that grace. It shows up in forgiveness, acceptance, kindness and patience. 


Build Community: The grace that Jesus reveals allows us to be in relationship with God and with each other. We simply extend the grace that gives us hope of truly being known and knowing others. 


Protect: It is important our members know they are secure in the love of God. In order to heal and grow as people, we need to find freedom from fight or flight existence. We seek to provide a peaceful and safe environment that allows for that. 


Please don’t ever get lost in the metaphor, it’s our vehicle to point people to the one True Farmer and His Son - the only One who redeems and restores. Our sun is the Son.


These last few months we have had to make some adjustments - changes to our lives in order to maintain our overall safety and health. With the continuation of this in mind, we have decided to make a necessary change to this year’s Family Reunion Fundraiser. Although we were excited to have everyone gather in a single space at Discovery World, we have decided to take this year’s fundraiser VIRTUAL! Tune in on Friday, October 9th at 7:00pm from the comfort of your own home as we dive into how Every Greenhouse Needs the Son. 


Throughout the program and leading up to the event, there will be several opportunities for you to give! We encourage you to do so by being a Host Site! For $500 invite your friends to watch the Family Reunion together in a single space. All host sites will be considered an event sponsor and receive their very own Hope Street basket containing desserts, fun activities, Hope Street gear, and more! For more sponsorship opportunities, check out our sponsorship packet.


Although this year looks a little different, we have worked to maintain some of the same exciting opportunities that would occur in person at our Family Reunion. Each Host Site has the opportunity to do its very own wine/beer/coffee/tea pull! We will be collecting a variety of these items to be distributed amongst each host site. We encourage all who are interested in donating these items to support local businesses by purchasing from nearby coffee/tea shops and breweries!

Another easy way to support Hope Street at this year’s fundraiser is through the donation of needed items and gift cards. As an organization, our goal is to provide our members with a space that is not just good enough, but a beautiful space for an individual or family to call home. Each host site will be given a container to place these items in. For insight on what some of these items may be, head to our Amazon Wish List 

Proceeds from the 2020 "Hope Street Family Reunion" Fundraiser

will support Hope Street's Acorn and Baby Acorn Fund.

Zumba in Courtyard
JJ at bowling
Van and Jazzmin 3


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