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Event Location:

Baird Center (Exhibit Hall A) 

400 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203


Date: Thursday, October 17th 2024


  • Interactive Greenhouse Experience: 9am-4pm

  • Family Reunion 25th Anniversary Evening Gala: 5:30pm-8:30pm

hope street family reunion fundraiser

One Day. One City. One Hope. two events.

In 2024, Hope Street will celebrate 25 years of walking alongside men, women and children in our community. We are so grateful to the community of people who have invested in and supported our organization. To celebrate lives transformed by our programs and housing, as well as the resources of other organizations in our area, we are hosting an Interactive Greenhouse as part of our Family Reunion Fundraiser. This multimedia experience, staged and built by Milwaukee creatives, will envelope guests in our rich history and stories of those who have been impacted over the years. 


Come! Join us! Be immersed in this interactive walkthrough experience that highlights what Hope Street, The Greenhouse for People, and other local organizations are doing to repair the heart of our city, Milwaukee. We know there is HOPE and RESTORATION.

OUr mission

Hope Street is The Greenhouse for People on 26th and Capitol. We provide housing and community to empower broken men, women, and children to cultivate a relationship with Jesus, themselves, and others to restore hope that flourishing is possible for us all.

Event updates

"We’ve got a blank space.

A big, beautiful blank canvas that is begging for us to fill it with our vision. I don’t know about you, but spaces like this excite me. They allow the creative within in me to dream and slowly allow those thoughts to land. As they do my excitement shifts to inviting people in, I want people to experience beautiful things, hear good stories, and be reminded of what is true. True of themselves, the communities we are apart of, and the Hope that we have.

This year marks 25 years for Hope Street. We are going to celebrate. This blank space may not look like much now, but imagine it filled with a walkthrough experience that depicts the reality of our city, the hope for what it could be, people and places doing their part…and the redemptive finish that invites us each into a story bigger than any one of us on our own. It is going to be BIG, but meaningful. It will be beautiful and impactful. It will be thoughtful and innovative.

There’s a blank space, and it’s ready for YOU to fill it…right after we fill it with what’s bound to be a special experience that will encourage us all to pause, reflect, and be inspired to make a difference. Please save the date, and join us Thursday, October 17th at one of our two events.

A space is only a space, it’s the people who enter in that make it unique and special. Help us finish the vision by showing up!"

Ashley Thomas, CEO 

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